Short Skills Training

Welcome to Envision International Short Skills Training

Our short skills programmes include the following:

•   Intelligent Train-the-Trainer skills
•   Intelligent Workplace Skills
•   Intelligent Sales & Marketing skills
•   Intelligent Supervisors & Managers
•   Intelligent Career Development skills
•   Intelligent Human Resources Skills
•   Intelligent Public Speaking

Our flexible short skills training courses are not only unique but offer a one stop solution to all your training needs.

Other popular programmes include:

Customer Service Training
Envision International’s customer service training courses have been developed to address the key challenges facing organisations today. Our customer service training course will ensure that individuals are equipped with the skills and behaviours necessary in order that your business can deliver superior customer experience at all levels within the organisation, whilst increasing customer loyalty and retention.
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Effective Business Analysis
This 3-day programme focuses upon how the toolkit of conventional business analysis can be linked sequentially and logically with the principles of financial economics. It will provide critical insight into how the tools and techniques of conventional business analysis can and must be adapted.
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Executive Development, Coaching & Talent Management
Today’s leading organisations have realised that achieving competitive advantage and delivering business goals is heavily dependent on investment in their current leaders, as well as the potential leaders of the future. Envision International develops and supports leaders and managers to work at the peak of their performance.
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Electronic Records Management
The new and improved ERM program covers the lifecycle of records and related concepts such as classification schemes, metadata, security, retention, and disposal. The new course also includes changes in the vendor landscape; increased focus on email capture and retention; expanded focus on new content types such as wikis and blogs; and new best practices and standards. The course also provides additional focus on taxonomies; migration technologies for moving away from shared drives; auto-categorization to develop and maintain taxonomies, and auto-classification to extract metadata.

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