We are a Leading Accredited Training Provider

Envision International is a leading accredited training provider producing and disseminating strategic business intelligence that educates people and benefits corporate growth and profits. Founded in 2005, Envision International delivers compelling business intelligence via conferences, corporate sponsorship and exhibitions, professional training, Documentation Training, Event Management, Executive Coaching and Summits. Envision International prides itself as Africa’s premier strategic business information provider; as such, we support all initiatives that promote Africa’s Economic Development.

Envision International is a Black Economic Empowerment company, committed to an integrated Affirmative Action Policy. This has been the core of our employment strategy and continues to support our focus and commitment to developing and empowering previously unemployed persons from resource strapped backgrounds.

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Envision International’s strategic objectives are to provide global platforms for the exchange of intelligence between solution providers and solution seekers. This will be achieved through strategic alliances with prominent business schools, associations, media partners and eminent speakers, who are all committed to the shared mission. These alliances are enhanced by the empowerment of our people to maintain excellence in service and product innovation.


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what are our principles?

At Envision International, we live by the following principles:


To become the strategic business intelligence provider of choice for everyone everywhere.


To empower people with compelling intelligence and to create a new standard of excellence in everything we do.


Envision International is committed to the following values to guide our behaviours, interests and decisions:

Innovation and quality: the number one priority, as the name suggests
Associates and partners: the focus of everything we do, together celebrating a culture of competence and excellence
Employee well-being: a way of life
Integrity: never to be compromised
Service orientated: all working towards the objectives of customer satisfaction
Equal opportunity: at Envision International, everyone is recognised and rewarded equally

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